Request for Homebrewed Pale Lagers

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Request for Homebrewed Pale Lagers

Hi CHAOSites.  Next week, Sept. 13th, will be the first of four prep sessions for some folks who are taking the BJCP tasting exam in January and others who are just interested in the process, developing their palate and exploring some styles.  

We'll go over three items:  1) some elements of sensory evaluation, 2) a 'family' of related styles and 3) articulating what you're perceiving and filling out the BJCP scoresheet.  

I've had a request that we go over pale lagers at the first workshop.  Generally, I'll just purchase some commercial examples, but if anyone has homebrewed examples they would be willing to contribute to the cause, that would be great, too.  These would include American Lager, International Pale Lager, Czech Pale or Premium Pale Lager, Helles, Festbier, Helles Bock (Maibock), Leichtbier, Helles Exportbier (Dortmunder), German Pils or Pre-Prohibition Lager.  If you would like to contribute any homebrewed examples of these styles, let me know - and thank you!  



P.S.  If you want to participate in the workshop, let me know that, also.  We're pretty full but its informal and we can always squeeze in one more.  Any CHAOSer is welcome.  We're meeting in the upstairs education room at the CHAOS Brewhouse at 7:30 pm on Thursday September 13th.  Please RSVP to me if you'd like to attend.