Stout and Chili night Beer School

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Stout and Chili night Beer School

Hey everyone, the poll results are in and we are going to do an Additives school for the upcoming Stout and Chili night. A very apt school for the party as we are going to blend the worlds of beer and food together. For the school we are going to talk about adding different flavorings/spices/fruits/vegetables, etc to your beer and the techniques involved to get the flavor you crave. Ideally we will get a diverse population of additives so that we can talk about a lot of different topics. I am going to reach out to a few members to see if they would like to brew for the school. If you would like to join, or if you have a super kickass recipe that involves additives like fruit, chocolate, coffee, etc. please message me and let's brew!

Here were a few ideas I had:

Spice Beer - Trying to stay away from pumpkin pie spice, but you certainly can use any of them. Honey Ginger pale ale? Chamomile + Grains of Paradise Belgian Wit?

Fruit Beer - Apricot Ale, Strawberry Blonde, Ben has a  can of Raspberry puree if you want to make a raspberry beer (raspbery berliner weisse anyone)?

Vegetable Beer - Peppers, Mushrooms, squash, etc.- Mole Stout? Mango Habanero NEIPA?

Chocolate Beer - Chocolate and Peanut Butter Porter, Mint Chocolate Stout

Coffee/Tea - Coffee in a Blonde!? Woah. Or Green Tea Belgian Wit mmmm

Wood - Add Oak/Maple chips into the beer or put in non bourbon barrel for added wood flavor

Spruce/Fir - Add spruce and molassess to an old ale and make a winter warmer. Or do a Spruce Tip Pale Ale?

As always, everything is open to suggestion and if you want to brew, let me know!