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NFL Kick off 2023 Group Buy

I've updating pricing as best as I can. If you are ordering something that you haven't ordered within the past two years, please let me know so I can verify the pricing and availability. Thanks.

The Autumn group buy will begin on Monday, August 28th: https://www.chaosbrewclub.net/groupbuy/31

The group buy closes on Thursday, September 7th. The plan is for it to be picked up/delivered during the week of March 20, 2023.

Hops are now available through Country Malt. The smallest quantity offered is one pound. If you would like to purchase some, please let me know and I'll look it up. I'll start adding them to the next group buy if enough people are interested.

Please be sure to arrange for your grain to be picked up or secured within 24 hours of the delivery date.