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Don't understand. Autolysis

Don't understand. Autolysis is an off flavor that should have made the whole barrel taste bad, not something that would have been localized in the bottom. Also, I can confirm that no one got yeast sucked up from the bottom because we stopped close to the bottom before it was emptied all the way and switched from pump to siphon. But the siphon wouldn't pick up the small amount left so we Abandoned the last bit of beer. I've also had my share and it doesn't taste bad. Maybe some of us can donate bottles to you. My best guess is that there was a sanitation problem with your keg/carboy?

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I certainly can't eliminate

I certainly can't eliminate my own sanitation issues from the equation, which is why I asked if anyone else had problems. My keg had been at the brewhouse for a couple of weeks, while it was very hot. I was fairly confident that it was cleaned, sanitized, and purged, but I certainly could have been wrong. If there was somehow yeast left in that keg, baking for a couple of weeks in the loft would very probably have produced some horrible autolysis off flavors (among others).

I suppose that's probably more likely than somehow getting the only part of the barrel that tastes like shit. In which case, FUUUUUCK ME...