Chiller fail

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Chiller fail

Hey guys, whats up in Chicago?

So I was brewing today and everything was going really  well for a change. Then came time to chill and this happened. My copper imersion chiller sprung 3 leaks. Is this a thing? Has this happened to anyone else before the aewsomness of the CHAOS counter flow chiller that is. Ruined a 5 gal RIS as it dumped about a gallon of hose water into my RIS. I checked it before putting into the wort as I was cleaing it and noticed nothing.

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shoulda just reboiled for a

shoulda just reboiled for a minute!!! but yeah that is strange 

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Holy cow - did you use a

Holy cow - did you use a power washer as your water source? 

I've never seen anything like that that happen.  We've been using the same old CHAOS  copper coil again this winter - no problems at all (except all the fittings still leak as usual).  That's really bizzare. Not sure if you bought that coil or made it - but if you purchased it somewhere, I would raise a stink no matter how long its been.

Bad news about the RIS!

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Wow, that's pretty crazy!

Wow, that's pretty crazy! What's in the water up there?!

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It most likely had residual

It most likely had residual water in it and froze over the winter.